Some history

The structure that houses SOLO PER DUE dates back to the last century and is set in a truly fascinating historical context. In fact, just outside, you can see vestiges of an ancient Roman villa.

Carlo Bartolomeo Piazza reports in his Hierarchy of Cardinals, 1703 that this was the country house of the Latin poet HORACE given to him by his patron MAECENAS.

In addition to the mosaic floors and the cryptoporticus, it is still possible to visit the Spring of Bandusium located near the ancient ruins, to which the poet dedicated one of his most famous poems.

The darkness of time obliterated centuries of history: the Fall of Rome, the Gothic Wars, the ascendancy of the Lombards, the Saracen invasions, the turbulent Middle Ages. A little light was shed on these mysterious ruins and on their use by some very ancient books and by the cartography of the Renaissance but the monument fell inexorably into oblivion, to the point of erasing its existence from memory.

Since 1983 this legendary place has finally come back to life, to experience a timeless love.